Monday, May 10, 2010

my sweet baby...

Obviously this is SO INCREDIBLY OVERDUE... and to look back now and document the events of my sweet baby Owen's birth seems very important but would take way too much time than I have. So like you don't know already, our baby boy Owen Matthew was born April 1st at 11:10am weighing 7lbs 13ozs and it was the most awesome experience ever. I absolutely LOVE being a Mom and can't believe I have this sweet baby to call my own. I love him more than anything. 
so cute!!

When we left the hospital Owen weighed 7lbs 9ozs, he now weighs 11lbs 11ozs! The boy loves to eat!! He now no longer fits into his newborn clothes, which is sad that my baby is growing so incredibly fast and that soon I'll have to go back to work and won't be able to be with him all day everyday anymore. (at least it's only part time!! and it was totally my choice by the way) We'll see if I can stand to be away from the little man. :)

Other than him growing like a weed he is doing everything a newborn should be doing... eating, pooping, sleeping, being absolutely adorable, melting our hearts, wrapping us around his little fingers, making us proud to be called his parents. :)

I'm so in love. :)