Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday time!

I don't think I've been this excited for a birthday in a loooooong time. I know Owen has no clue what a birthday even is but I still wanted to make sure it was a fun and special one. On Friday April 1st (his actual birthday) we spent the day as a family and had so much fun! I fed Owen his usual oatmeal for breakfast then he opened the presents we got him. He LOVED them!! I was so happy he had such a great time opening them and playing with them!
Here's the birthday boy sitting down for breakfast.... little does he know the fun he's about the have... ;)
 It's present time!!!

 Loves the first present! Fridge Phonics!
 Next up, a choo choo train!

So cute... he also loves to just push it around the house. After playing with his new toys for a bit the birthday boy was getting sleepy so we put him down for a nap and started preparing for the party! Once Owen woke up we decided it was such a beautiful day outside so let's go to the zoo! It was PERFECT too. Not too crowded and not too cold. Owen had a blast, he loved the wolf exhibit because they were 'doggies' or 'ga-gees' as he calls them, and the polar bear exhibit is always a blast, and and the petting zoo was a hit as well!

We had the best day!! Saturday was Owen's birthday party and it was such a blast. So many people came to celebrate the little guy I was truly touched by how many people love and care for this little guy! So without further ado, here's pics of the party!

Such a fun birthday! I hope to hold on to these memories forever..... :)