Thursday, May 12, 2011


May 1st through the 7th we had the amazing opportunity to vacation in Maui!! Matt's employer has a recognition program called the President's Club and when someone reaches that level they get a free trip to an unnamed location. Well Matt achieved the President's Club status and got the trip!! This time it was to beautiful Maui, Hawaii. We were stoked!! What an awesome surprise! We had a blast and we were even more excited about the location because our great friend Timara lives in Honolulu so she was able to visit us for a few days as well! 

So not only did we get this incredible vacation for free but we stayed the the Four Seasons..... it was sooooo luxurious! This is the Serenity Pool that overlooks the beach and mountains. 

 Getting ready to go snorkeling!

 beautiful sunsets

 one of the pools at the resort

Matt with his coworker Rob

Awesome Luau!


We spent a day in Lahaina and did a little shopping... 

This is the popular Banyan sprawls about 1 or two blocks along the Lahaina coast

Timara and her boyfriend Nate, aren't they a cute couple? :)

And lastly this is part of a huuuuge lava field we visited on the last day... it was very impressive. This would be a blow hole in which the ocean water shoots through and looks like a whales blow hole. 
It was such an amazing trip and I'm so thankful to my husband for doing such an amazing job so that we could enjoy this amazing vacation!! AND thanks to our family for taking care of Owen while we were gone... we obviously couldn't have done it without them!!