Saturday, July 10, 2010

update anyone?

Good Lord there's a lot to update. Well first of all Owen is THREE MONTHS OLD now. I know I don't need to say it but time is flying way too fast. My little boy is growing up! He's huge too... I haven't weighed him in a couple of weeks but I'm guessing he's about 17lbs now. Isn't that crazy?! I just want to kiss him and cuddle with him all the time. It never gets old. He is just too precious! So some major milestone updates on the little man:
-He loves 'tummy time,' which is awesome! 
-He slobbers like crazy
-He chews on his fists constantly
-We believe he has a tooth poking through already... one of his k9 teeth. I think that's what you call them?
-He kicks his legs and swings his arms all the time! He's an active little guy!
-He LOVES the swing.
-He also loves to be outside. This is another good calming agent for him. If I walk outside while he is upset he immediately quiets down. It's amazing!
-He loves our new hammock.... again with the swinging and being outside!
-He loves baths!
-He loves Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. no joke! One day he was fussy and couldn't be easily consoled so I came upstairs and popped on some Human Nature by Michael Jackson and he was instantly quiet! He has good taste. :)
-He's only slept through the night twice. He gets up sometime between 2 and 4, then again between 5 and 6, depending on the first time he woke up. 
-He loves to go for a walk
-He smiles A LOT :)
-He's sleeping right now and I honestly miss him...

I just can't talk enough about him. He's an absolute joy to be around and I'm so thankful to be his mama. 

I recently went back to work, thankfully only part-time. It's bittersweet really. On one hand it's nice to be challenged and needed for my brain but on the other hand I miss my baby and I want to be there when he's upset or happy or being silly or just sleeping. I want to teach him new things everyday and I want to be the first face he sees when he wakes up. I know I'm only gone from him for a short time while I'm at work but I just can't help but wonder... is it really worth it? I worry daily about my decision to go back to work. Not only that but we only have a babysitter through the end of August then I need to find a replacement. Matt's cousin is watching him now and when she goes back to school I have no idea what we'll do. It's so incredibly hard to call a complete stranger and ask them to potentially watch your child while you're at work. I feel awful about it. It honestly makes me sick with worry and the decision just tears at me. Ugh, what to do!!!! 

It's amazing how much a child flips your entire world upside down. In a good way of course. I don't know what I would do without him, I don't know what I would do without my husband either. He is a huge help and I'm so grateful for that. 

So life is great overall, we're doing just fine, and hopefully I'll be a little better about updating this thing... we'll see. :) Until next time, here's some pics of my little man.