Friday, June 3, 2011


Owen has had many firsts lately... they are too fun not to share! Last month we made a trip to Pittsburgh to visit Matt's brother Ben and his family. So what's more cute than two little cousins taking their first bath together? They were soooo fun. Here's Owen trying to brush Max's teeth while in the tub. It was HILARIOUS!

Here's Owen's first time using chop sticks. :) He was quite good at it actually.

Owen's first encounter with the sprinkler! He loved it!! 

His first trip to an outdoor pool. We went with our friends Shawn and Meredith who have a daughter, Reese. Owen and Reese get along so great. They had a blast together!

And finally Owen's first 'official' haircut. (I trimmed the back of his hair right before his birthday) I took him to a place called Cookie Cutters which specialize in kids haircuts. They have all sorts of fun stuff to keep the kids occupied while getting their hair cut. Owen did great! I absolutely love this picture of him. Who knew we would have a little blondie! :)