Saturday, May 9, 2009

cloud 9

Last night we went to Benny's pizza in Marysville. Not usually something to brag about but they do have the best pizza, ever. But last night was even more special because WNCI and Carolina Liar were there! You may remember me talk about Carolina Liar a few months back because I heard their music on CD101 and instantly loved them. I quickly bought their CD and discovered all of their songs are awesome! So my friend Kathy happened to hear on the radio that they were going to be at Benny's (of all places) on Friday night. Of course I was going to be there!! I talked some other friends into coming along. :) So not only was my favorite band playing but we were right next to the stage and they were playing acoustic. Seriously, could it get any better?! Only two of the band members played and they actually only sang 4 songs (I have no idea why... probably because it was a free show) but I didn't care. Thankfully Nikki brought her camera and I was able to snap a few pic's up close.
Hopefully Nikki will hook me up with the rest of her pictures :) 
After they got off stage I was just too pumped not to meet my favorite band. When will I ever get a chance to do this again?! So I quickly got the nerve to go over to them and say hi and tell them that I LOVE their music and I'm such a big fan. I asked for a picture and got one taken with the guitarist... I don't have that one yet but like I said, hopefully soon! So fast forward, the band is still hanging out and I really want a picture with both of them but feel silly asking for yet another picture. So Mike, Nikki's husband, walks over and just asks if they would take another picture....

Seriously, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! 

They were SO incredibly nice!!!! I'm on cloud 9! 
I know I know, I'm totally geekin' but it made my week!!! :) SO SO much fun and I'm so glad we went!!!! If you don't know who they are go out and buy Carolina Liar's CD! It's so awesome! What a great great night!!!!

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JonandLo said...

I love love love benny's pizza!! Kinda jealous right now. And Nikki looks great...I haven't seen her in so long. Glad you guys had fun!