Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lucky number 13?

13 weeks. I can't believe I am 13 weeks pregnant. I kind of wish I could've slept through the past 4-5 of them though. You know in my last post how I said I had felt sick but hopefully I was in the clearing? Boy was I WRONG. I'm feel like I have a constant hangover that just won't go away. Oh yes I said hangover, but have I had one single drop of alcohol in any way? NO WAY! But you know what I'm feeling now, right?

The constant feeling like you're going to throw up but your either not quite there or your trying to prevent yourself from getting there. (please don't throw up, please don't throw up...)

Headaches. Constant slap across your forehead headaches.

You can only eat the blandest, driest, most carb filled food out there for fear of getting sick on something else. Oh and are sure you even want to eat something? It might put you over the edge and your stomach might just decide - WRONG! You shouldn't have ate that, NOW YOU MUST PAY.

You just want to sleep, but sleeping isn't so easy because you feel so terrible. Still praying as you lay there, please don't get sick, please stomach, just feel better!

You see where I'm going? Imagine that every night from 5-9 (or whenever I go to bed)... I'm experiencing it right now actually that why I can be so descriptive. :)

Oh please stomach just feel better! I remember when I used to enjoy my food and enjoy trying new things! Now? I'll just take a bowl of cereal or some mashed potatoes, thanks.

Don't get me wrong here, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED AND HAPPY TO BE PREGNANT! But please please God, let me enjoy it. Please let me feel well enough to stay up past 9:30 and please let me have my good days back. And I mean GOOD DAYS..... you know, the days where I used to come home and run 3 miles and feel awesome! Then I'd eat dinner and not regret every single bite I put in my mouth fearing that I might see it again later. Being able to go to bed without taking 4 Tums, 2 Sudafed, and 1 Pepcid.... Oh please please!!


Cheyenne and John said...

Don't worry Jamie.. You'll feel so much better soon! If you look at typical HCG levels during pregnancy, they raise and raise and take a dose of crack toward the end of the first trimester, but then they chill considerably once you get past week 13!! The light is near- I promise!! Hang in there!! :)

JonandLo said...

So sorry you are feeling miserable...but I know you'll take the crappy feeling anyday huh! I only threw up 4 times my whole pregnancy. One of my episodes happened to be while we were house hunting. I barfed all over some poor people's front lawn. Ha!! The joys! We can't wait to hear what little rings will be. I'm predicting a girl =)

Cindy said...

Ahh...I still remember this wonderful joy....every morning and every day even though it was 19 yrs ago! The smell of just about anything would set me off. I'd walk into the office and smell coffee - and then have to run to the bathroom to "chuck." I'd get halfway through brushing my teeth...and chuck again from the taste of the toothpaste. The back of your teeth hurt and your mouth gets all watery - all the time - and you feel like your waiting for "it" all the time. Sorry I'm probably being too discriptive. LOL I hope you feel better soon. Keep focusing on the end product as the baby will be here before you know it and all grown up before you know it :-)

meredithreynolds08 said...

Aw, my sweet Jamie! I am so sorry that you're feeling so icky. You will feel better, I promise. You'll forget about these sickly days in no time, right?! :) Thank goodness for crackers, tums, ginger ale and pepcid!! Much love to you, Matt, and precious baby Rings!! xoxo

jenny mae. said...

i swear this is all going to be worth it!