Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday, Graduation, and other fun stuff

I was by no means excited for my birthday this year. Alas, it was bound to happen whether I wanted it to or not. I am now a part of the '29 club' (as Kathy calls it). Oh yes, it has happened. 29 and holding! My family and friends were super wonderful to me this year.

My Mom, StepDad, and brother Glen all came over on Monday and we had dinner together. Something we don't do nearly enough. They were too sweet and got me a Camelbak to go with the NEW BIKE Matt got me for my birthday!!! It rides beautifully and I love it... what a gem! :) I definitely plan on using it as much as possible this summer... the bike and the Camelbak!

Tuesday, my birthday, Matt's Mom and StepDad brought me dinner. Matt's Mom made me a really cool wreath made out of wine corks. It turned out really awesome! She is so talented! It's fun to look at and see corks from the places we visited in California...brings back good memories!

Friday evening my dearest best friend Kathy threw together a little party with some friends to come over and celebrate my birthday. We grilled food, drank some wine, relaxed by the fire... it was a great time! I have the best friends... thanks everyone for coming!! :)

Saturday was my brother Glen's high school graduation. Wow, that just sounds so weird! My baby brother is all grown up! He plans to go to OSU Marion in the fall and study to be an xray technician. I'm proud of you Glen and I love you very much!

Glen and his cute little girlfriend Ashley

Sunday went to visit family and celebrate Matt's cousin's engagement! It was our first time meeting Christy and she was super sweet. Too bad I don't have any pictures of the cute couple. But I am super happy and excited for them!! Congratulations Dave and Christy!! :)

After our family luncheon we ventured out to Schiller Park with Jonathan and Kathy to watch The Three Musketeer's. Every weekend in the summer there is a play put on by local actors. Jonathan and Kathy's friend Bill is a lifer at this stuff :) so we just had to see him in action.
(that would be him i.e. Bill on the right)
Kathy enjoying the vino... and the show!

Very fun and we will definitely be going to the other shows later this summer!! If you've never been you must go check it out!

So after that busy week and weekend.... I need a weekend from my weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you being so busy!!! and wine. yum wine. ;)... i'm getting placecard ideas for corks now...

JonandLo said...

happy birtday...late! glad your friends took care of you =) And can I just say Glen is so cute..what a dashing smile he out ladies!