Friday, June 26, 2009

gone too soon

There are certainly other things I could write about but I just feel the need to reminisce.

I am deeply saddened. I feel like I lost a friend. I'm a completely dramatic person so this may seem silly and a little immature and unnecessary (maybe even a tad weird? yes... I can't explain it) but I was in utter shock over the death of Michael Jackson. I think it's death in general that I don't deal well with but for an icon of that magnitude to be ripped from the world so suddenly, I really had a hard time yesterday handling the news! I listened to his music all night, read the stories... couldn't watch the news because it was just too much.

Growing up I would listen to the albums Thriller and Bad ALL THE TIME. Over and over and over to make sure I memorized all of the worlds. I was slightly in love with him, I'm not going to lie. I remember being over at Bobbi's house and she owned the album HIStory. We would listen to it all night and just talk about how much we loved his music. I'm not kidding that's how much we loved him!!

Oh and I loved this movie. :)

Even if you aren't a MJ fan because of some things you've heard in the media or don't agree with some of the details of his life, you have probably at least enjoyed a few of his songs. How could you not? A pop icon and legend.

The 'come back tour' that he was rehearsing for would've been an absolute dream to see. If I were to have seen him in concert I would've totally been one of those girls that would've fainted at just the sight and sound of his voice. Yes, that is how much I loved his music. Even though I may not have listened to him much in the last 5-10 years every time I would happen to hear a song of his on the radio or a random play on itunes, you better believe I would be jammin' and singing at the top of my lungs.

RIP MJ, your music will live forever.

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Anonymous said...

Girl i am right there with you. I listened to him all the way home last night and then googled everything I could about him. He was such a part of mine and Christine's childhood. I remember playing the records on my dad's turntable and dancing around the living room when i was 8. I was in love with the song Man In the Mirror, and Thriller will forever be my favorite MJ album. I am so freaking sad about this.