Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye Thanksgiving!

Oh my Gosh I'm so glad Thanksgiving is over so I can STOP eating so much food!! I think I outdid myself this year. We had a total of 4 Thanksgiving's to attend to this year. That's just crazy in itself I think. And oh yes, I proceeded to have two helpings of food at each location... well scratch that I only had dessert at Matt's Aunt's house, BUT STILL! And the whole 'eating for two' deal... no that does not count. I don't think people realize I'm going to have to step on a scale the next time I go to my doctor's and she's going to say... looks like someone enjoyed the holiday's a little TOO much! It's really no fun that my pants don't fit in the first place but now, it's just really a loss cause to even try and zip them up. It was quite amusing though to have my Dad try and push his belly out to try and match mine. And look at that, I don't even have to try. :) It was also VERY amusing when I made myself a turkey sandwich last night for dinner and Matt was just astounded that I had any room left because we had just had a huge Thanksgiving lunch with family at around 2:30. Oh yes, I aim to impress. :) So yeah, I am very glad to have said hello and goodbye to Thanksgiving this year.

Now I MUST be good and workout every day this week before we leave for vacation on Sunday!!! Have I mentioned that yet? Matt and I are going on a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean! This is our 'Babymoon'... soaking up the sun, relaxing and of course, eating lots I'm sure. I can't wait but I'm also a little teensy bit nervous. I'm not technically supposed to be on the boat after I enter the 24th week of pregnancy. Well I'll be 24 weeks right smack in the middle of the cruise. I'm hoping no one will ask how far along I am.... maybe they just won't even notice I'm pregnant and just think I ate too much food on Thanksgiving?? I also fear I won't be able to do much... like the activities and excursions they offer. Seriously my lung capacity has gone downhill, and fast. I can no longer breathe through my nose (except on a few rare occasions) so that makes breathing all that much harder. I've now started a new ritual before I go to bed to help me sleep (and hopefully breathe) better. I try not to watch T.V. an hour before I go to bed and focus on reading a book (thank you Lise for that idea :) ). Hopefully this will help relax my mind so I won't lie awake at night thinking about who knows what. I've also borrowed a humidifier from my friend Beth (thank you Beth!) that I've placed on the night table next to me to also help me breathe. It also holds a Vicks vapor release thingy so that there's a cool menthol scent in the air. Aww, so relaxing. Then there's the cup of tea that I also try to drink on a nightly basis.... also relaxing and soothing. Ok have I turned into a complete basket case yet?! Oh and I can't forget the extra pillow I have to put between my legs otherwise I wake up with excruciating back pain. So I wonder how I'm going to be able to keep up that ritual while we're on our cruise.... hmmmm.


Lise said...

Hope the new nighttime ritual helps!! Enjoy the babymoon! :)

Cheyenne and John said...

knock knock knock... are you back yet? Eagerly awaiting updates. :)