Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wow time has flown, I've thought about posting about so many things these past few weeks but never got around to it. Unfortunately I only feel like doing the minimum!
This week I had the big 20 week ultrasound. What an awesome, amazing, surreal, experience. I never wanted it to end. At the first ultrasound way back around 7 weeks when I first heard the baby's heartbeat I immediately signed up on a few websites to get weekly update emails that tell you the baby's growth, development, all that fun stuff. The day I hit 20 week I got the standard email telling me the baby is around the length of a medium size banana and will weigh about 10 1/2oz. So imagine my surprise when the sonographer tells me the baby weighs 13oz!! Holy crap! This is going to be a big baby! I was also surprised to learn the heartbeat had changed drastically from my last doctor's appointment. It was at 147... interesting. All is well though and the baby looks good! Here's a good look at the little guy or girl. :)

I know it's hard to see but you get the idea! The second picture are of his/her tiny feet!
and here's the belly shot.
Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT for April!?!


JonandLo said...

You are still so tiny!! You look beautiful...definitely have that motherly glow. So you guys aren't finding out the sex then? Ahh...don't keep your fans in suspense! The second half of the pregnancy goes by sooo fast so just get prepared for april to be right around the corner! so excited for you

uthornsfan said...

You look so cute and sooooo HAPPY! I'm still so excited for you both! Keep the posts coming, I'm enjoying the updates.

Cheyenne and John said...

I've been checking up on you and waiting for you to post.. I knew it had to be time for things to be happening (with your baby bump, that is- which by the way is just super cute!).

meredithreynolds08 said...

You are just too stinkin' cute!