Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the dreaded one

I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to do about Owen's 1st birthday party. First of all, ONE YEAR OLD. Hold the door people I can't believe he's going to be ONE! OMG. It breaks my heart just to think about it. Tonight we were having a little quiet time before bed... I was attempting to read him some books (he really does not like to sit still for books) and I was trying to cherish every moment by cuddling with him (I could get away with it because he was super sleepy) and kissing the back of his next and lastly having a little snack before bedtime. He can be sooo sweet when he's tired. :)

Ok, so Owen's birthday party is coming up and we're having a party for him, of course, but the trouble is who do we invite. Our family is wonderfully huge and for the most part a lot of them are local. So JUST family would be 26 people (not counting kids). We would like to invite some friends to his party as well but where do you draw the line?? I mean 26 people is a lot in itself! Of course I don't anticipate everyone coming but still I want to invite like 10 more friends (or more??) on top of that! I know, such troubles right? It's a big deal turning one and I just want all of our close friends to be there to celebrate. To be continued...

I'm also on the hunt to find things to do during the day. Today was a new day, we went to 'Babytime' at the library. It was so freaking cute. There were a ton of kids there, and basically everyone just sat down in the room and sang songs together. How funny is that? So simple yet Owen was mesmerized for an entire 1/2 hour. He just sat on my lap as we sang and I made his arms move around with whatever the song was that we were signing. Then it was over. There really should be more indoor play rooms available so there's something to do in the winter. Seriously it's FRIGID outside and so very little to do (that doesn't require money) and what does every other stay at home mom do???? I need ideas!!

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